Company History

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In 1976, STARO Erection was founded, and was concerned primarily with panel construction. In 1980 STARO Erection was renamed to STARO Controls, which was more in association with the work undertaken by the company.

After acquiring its own premises in Industria in 1985, the company expanded rapidly into the process control field. In accordance with the growth of the process control technology, a separate process control division was formed in 1988. A niche market was recognized with the advent of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based; fail safe technology, and this prompted STARO to acquire the HIMA Agency in South Africa.

Shortly after this, in 1989, the first HIMA PLC Shutdown system was installed in South Africa. This was a major company milestone as it was the first TÜV approved system installed in the country.

With the rapid growth of the process control client base, it became evident that a company re-organization was required in order to maintain the high quality client service. In 1990 STARO management decided to form STARO Process Control (Pty) LTD to concentrate on client support and to keep abreast with new technology.

In order to maintain continuous growth and expansion in the market, a larger financial infrastructure was required. In late 1992, STARO was divided into STARO Process Control and STARO Systems. A major share of STARO Process Control was acquired by TUKMA Holdings. The company was also re-located to the current premises in Kya Sands, Randburg.

In 1994 STARO Process Control (Pty) LTD was re-registered as Process Control and Integration (Pty) LTD (PC & I) for strategic reasons.

In 1997, Process Control and Integration became the official System Integration partners and Platinum Distributor for the Rockwell Automation range of products.


2015 ushered in a new era in PC&I ownership and management. The company was acquired by the 4 most senior project engineers from within the company. This makes us a Level 2 B-BBEE supplier.



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